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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Burried Oil Tank Fill And Vent Pipes Show Up In Crawl Space

We had a home inspection recently where the crawl space provided a surprise.

The signs of a buried oil tank.

Here is what the inspector saw:

The fat pipe would be the fill pipe and the skinnier pipe would be the vent pipe.

Here is a link with a lot more information: Oil Tank Information

Note two things:

1. The home owner lived in the home when the tank was taken out of service, but the owner didn't mention it on the seller's disclosure.

2. The listing agent complained at the length of the home inspection. (The inspector was in the crawl space for about 45 minutes.)

It is common for listing agents to complain about the length of a buyer's inspection because listing agents typically recommend "quick and easy" home inspectors. Another reason you don't want to be using a traditional agent when you buy a home!

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