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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Example of how frustrating it can be to buy a home these days

In our office recently we had a buyer buy a home on a golf course near Brighton.

The home was actually a foreclosure and a very good deal compared to other homes in the area, but, dealing with a lender selling a home can be very frustrating!

In this example it took 3 weeks to get a signed purchase contract back from the lender, after the buyer and lender had come to terms.

This set the timing for everything else way behind and the result was a fairly stressful last week. This was particularly true since the buyer was selling their old home and their buyer wanted to move in right away.

So the learning point is: If you are buying a foreclosure be prepared for delays and an unresponsive seller!

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And good luck on the house hunt!


Monday, February 4, 2008

New annoying negotiation tactic we see when buying foreclosures

This is a post from our office website that is interesting to any home buyer who might be negotiating to purchase a foreclosed home.

As the most experienced Exclusive Buyer's Agent serving the Brighton area we thought we should share it here also.

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