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Monday, February 26, 2007

9 things that sellers do that drive buyers nuts

Here is a post from another blog that puts this in perspective:

I was also reminded of a day recently when I was showing a buyer homes in Brighton and as we walk up to this cape cod style home I look at the valleys of the roof. (I'm not a builder but I've been through the builder's license class and I've been on hundreds of inspections.) Anyway as I walk up to this home that touts a "new roof" I see that the valleys have been done all wrong. Like you hired a second grader to roof your house. I'm a buyer's agent so I must pass that along to the buyer. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "Well I can see before we even walk into this home that the roof was probably put on by an amateur without proper permits."

Buyer client: "I guess if the owner is going to try and cheat on something as obvious and important as the roof it doesn't give me a good feeling about the rest of the house."

As you can probably guess we didn't buyer it. But somebody else did.